Project Brief




Using ENTTEC's RGB pixel strips and LED controllers, the installation captured the film's unique visual style with dynamic, bold colors and Gothic elements. This lighting design enriched the theatrical experience, effectively bringing Tim Burton's cult classic to life on stage.

Sejong Centre for the Performing Arts, Seoul, South Korea

Based on Tim Burton‘s 1988 cult supernatural fantasy film of the same name, Beetlejuice is a musical stage production written by Australian humourist composer Eddie Perfect. Having had a successful debut run on Broadway in 2019, Korean media giant CJ ENM decided to license a Korean language version and bring it to Seoul’s largest arts and cultural complex, the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

Being one of the first major productions to open following the aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the show provided a much-needed boost to the local economy and performing arts scene.


  • 120m x ENTTEC 12V RGB pixel strip (8PL60-F-12). Bright and efficient, with 60 LEDs per metre.
  • 5 x ENTTEC OCTO 8-Universe LED pixel data converter & controller.
  • 2 x ENTTEC PIXELATOR MINI 16-Universe Ethernet to pixel protocol converter.
  • 19 x ENTTEC PLink Injector (3 x 5V, 16 x 12-24V) – Engineered to extend your LED pixel layout over long distances.

In terms of scenery, Beetlejuice features the same distinctive visual style that Tim Burton uses across all of his films.

His famous American suburbia aesthetic is defined by bright and bold colours, standing in stark contrast to his theatrical side, which brings Gothic overtones and mechanical machinations, heavily inspired by German Expressionism.

To recreate these opposing atmospheres on stage, the use of lighting has to become exaggerated and almost cartoon-like.

In Korea, CJ ENM worked with local and international lighting designers to render these iconic Burtonesque dreamscapes.

Professional quality ENTTEC LED pixel strips running from high-refresh-rate ENTTEC LED controllers proved the perfect solution, providing the flexibility to produce vibrant, saturated colours and patterns on demand.

The cast of Beetlejuice perform “That Beautiful Sound

The exaggerated use of lighting brings Tim Burton’s vision to life. Watch as a cold, eerie atmosphere slowly becomes a vivid explosion of colour as the song progresses.
Smart accent lighting contrasts vibrant reds with deep blues.
“Fright of Their Lives”


  • CJ ENM – Show producer
  • Sejong Center for the Performing Arts – Show location
  • Lighting Installation – EHWA
  • DI Co Ltd – Korean ENTTEC dealer




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