9CY CTA LED tape (10m)

    SKU: 9CY-10

    ENTTEC designs and manufactures a complete range of high-quality, high-output LED strips to suit any desired mood or effect. CTA tape is colour temperature adjustable, allowing you to achieve your required setting.


    24V CTA range

    9CY is a 24V CTA LED Tape, which allows variations between 3000K to 5500K color temperature range.

    CTA lumen capacity

    You can drive this CTA tape at multiple colour temperature ranges. The maximum at 3000K is 488 lumens per metre, and the maximum at 5500K is 570 lumens per metre.

    Input current and wattage

    Maximum input current rating is 0.49 A per metre, which equals 2.45 A for 5-metre length. 9CY consumes a maximum of 11.8W per metre, and has a maximum continuous length of 9.2 metres.

    DC Power W/m LED Quantity Product Family Product Code Colour #colspan# Lm/m Input Current 1M Input Current 5M IP Reel Length Strip Width Cuttable Maximum Continuous Length
    24V 9.6 120/m 9CY 9CY2 CTA 3000K – 5500K 420+420 0.4A 2A 20 10m 11mm 100mm 13m



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