5 Pin Male to 5 Pin Male DMX Connector

This adaptor can be used with the Datagate, Ethergate Mk2 or Open DMX USB when using the DMX port as input. In …

    SKU: 70023

    ENTTEC produces a range of connectors and terminators to enhance the versatility of our  DMX Controllers and 5 PIN DMX cables. Together, they provide a simple and reliable solution for your cabling needs


    Change the Gender for 5 Pin

    Use this connector to connect two same gender 5 Pin DMX cables. Use it to bridge the gap by changing the gender of one. Simple yet effective

    Solid and Reliable

    Made from the finest materials, these metallic connectors are built to last. Reliable to perform the connections at an instant.

    Compatible with all ENTTEC Controls

    Complement your ENTTEC controllers with these genuine ENTTEC connectors. All ENTTEC Controllers and cables are fully compatible with this connector. Simply plug and play